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Choose from four L’Arbres à Empreintes® models directly delivered to your door and add a special touch of entertainment to your wedding, christening or team-building event!

All of our fingerprint trees are delivered a complete kit including:

2 inks (choose from 20 available colours)

1 set of letter and number stickers (choose from 4 available colours)

1 black felt-tip pen &a set of instructions

Choose the model you like and then personalise it (size, ink colours, etc.).

We can take care of sticking your text (first names, date of event) for an additional 15 euros including tax.

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The cost of delivering the picture is included for mainland France, Corsica and Monaco.
Delivery takes 7 to 11 business days from your date of purchase.
You will receive the parcel directly from the French postal service. If you are absent, the parcel will be held at the post office closest to your place of residence.