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Standard fingerprint tree creations

Come and discover standard creations that you can order at the store

Arbre à empreintes sur toile pour vos Mariages ,Naissances, Baptêmes, Anniversaires

Our 4 models

With this option, you choose the model that matches your needs from our store. I hand paint each and every l’Arbre à Empreintes® tree.

This is a popular option with customers who are looking for an exclusive gift for a loved one (such as a bride and groom for their forthcoming wedding, a birthday or christening).

Our kit

Each model (available in several sizes and prices) is delivered with a complete “ready to use” kit:

  • 2 inks (choose from 20 available colours),
  • 1 set of letter and number stickers (choose from 4 available colours),
  • 1 felt-tip pen and a set of instructions
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Un événement exceptionnel, un cadeau original, L'arbre à empreinte

Our examples

On the day of your event, to ensure that the result matches your expectations, we advise you to choose someone to accompany your guests in carrying out the activity.

Here are 2 images of finished pictures.

Rather have a customised picture?

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